Census Resource Discovery
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What is the Census Resource Discovery Service?
The CHCC Census Resource Discovery Service (CRDS) is a catalogue of census data and associated learning and teaching materials available to the UK higher and further education sector.

Do you have to register to use the CRDS?
No - you do not need to register to search the catalogue. Nor do you need to register to use the learning and teaching resources (although you need to have an Athens username to use these resources if you are not approaching them from a PC within UK higher and further education).

To access data resources that you have found in the catalogue you must be registered with the Census Registration Service (CRS). To register with the CRS you should have an Athens account.

What is the Census?
See the CHCC Overview Units if you are looking for basic background information about the UK Census or how to use census data.

Using the service
Click on the Search or Browse menu options to start interrogating the CRDS catalogue.

If you experience any difficulties obtaining the information you require from this service, please contact us.

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